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New technologies and methodologies in Education Unit






A number of innovative methodologies that include the use of new technologies during the educational process have been introduced as best practices applied to the field of e-learning and e-examinations. The aim is to design, implement and validate educational tools making use of ICT.link

An innovative application that is based on the asynchronous communication is a platform used for electronic examinations of students by the help of personal computers. The platform is a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides a large variety and multiple types of questions and related answers (Q&A) that can form electronic tests of evaluation or self-assessment. The system has the ability of storing the answers given by the examinees and eventually provide information regarding the score achieved, the number of correct and wrong answers, the time required for completing the test etc. link

Another activity that contributes to the educational process is the design and implementation of educational electronic systems as well as rapid prototype development of electronic devices using embedded systems, sensors and wireless networking. Following an object oriented and user friendly approach, software for operating these electronic systems during the educational process by students and teachers is also developed.

For the purposes of the continuous upgrade of the quality of postgraduate courses that offered from the Electronics sector the Unit designs, develops and implement interactive support tools as well as applications for the execution of remote experiments.

The coordinator of the unit is Professor D. Triantis, head of the laboratory.






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