Funded Projects




The laboratory of Electronic Devices and Materials at the Department of Electronic Engineering of the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens was established in 2003. The lab managed to obtain research equipment through research funded projects and regular budget from TEI of Athens.

The lab is comprised of the following research units:


Electrical Characterization of Materials and Devices

Measurement Techniques of Electrical Signals and Acoustic Emissions

Optical Materials and Devices Characterization

New technologies and methodologies in Education

Technology Transfer and Smart Solutions


The successful activities of the lab include the recruitment of new scientists and researchers and constructive collaborations with research teams from other institutions.

During the last decade, the laboratory has a strong contribution to the educational mission of the Electronics Engineering Department. The laboratory aims firstly at upgrading the courses offered by the undergraduate curriculum which are coordinated by the Electronics Sector and secondly at supporting the evaluation processes for educational tasks.