Early Warning System for Landslides

A low cost Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) node for a Landslide oriented Early Warning System

Using low cost electronic components, the proposed system aims to detect different types of landslide processes (drift, slide and fall) using a set of corresponding MEMS sensors (accelerometer, inclinometer, magnetometer) consisting a WSN node (along with required MCU and communication modules). The purpose of the proposed WSN node is the continuous and real time measurement of yaw, pitch and roll rotations and the issue of an alarm signal in case, each (or all) of them exceed a predefined threshold. The calculation of the rotation angles can be made either by the accelerometer or the gyroscope. The use of IMU (Inertial measurement Unit) sensor in the WSN node, which combines an accelerometer and a gyroscope, increases the accuracy of the angle estimation while at the same time overcomes some limitations of each independent sensor. Preliminary installations was took place in the Corinth canal.